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Rain World Game

Rain World
  • Developer: Videocult
  • Genre: 🎮 Action, Adventure, Indie
  • Version: 1.5
User Rating: Rating 4.50

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Release Date
28 Mar, 2017
Akupara Games
🎮 Action, Adventure, Indie
Windows PC


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Enjoy the Aesthetic Picture and Fascinating Story in Rain World Game

Ava Nguyen

Rain World is an indie video game created by the studio, Videocult. This game features an emotional and intense adventure as you play as a slug, a species of primitive creatures living in a ruined planet. You must find a way to survive in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic world while facing a variety of unique and deadly predators. The Rain World for Switch app is available on the console. It is a challenging game that combines exploration and stealth mechanics in a unique, captivating way.


It has an interesting and unique aesthetic. The visuals are a combination of pixel art and more contemporary techniques. The game’s environment is a dreary, post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with ruined buildings and wild creatures. The Rain World game for Switch you into a fascinating planet of adventure. The pixel art is used to great effect to create a distinct atmosphere, with the game’s world and creatures looking almost like toys. The animation is also very good, making the creatures feel alive and giving them a lot of character.


Rain World online for free is a survival game with a focus on exploration and resource management. You will have to scavenge for food and materials in order to survive and progress. The game also features a unique “predator tracking” system, where you have to find and track dangerous creatures in order to avoid them. You can download Rain World for free and test it before you buy. The app also features an “ecosystem” system, where each creature has its own behavior and territory, making the game feel alive and dynamic.


The controls in Rain World for PC are simple but effective. The player can move the slug left and right using the left and right arrow keys and can jump using the up arrow key. The player can also climb up and down ladders or vines using the up and down arrow keys. Additionally, the player can use the left mouse button to attack prey or the right mouse button to throw rocks or other objects. The player can also press the spacebar to pause the application or bring up the menu.


Application is an ever-evolving game, as each game session is different depending on the creatures in the planet and the resources available. This creates a highly replayable experience where you can never be sure what you will encounter. To get Rain World for free you can download the trial version. App also features a unique “migration” system, where you have to escape before a seasonal downpour destroys everything.


  • What platforms is product available on?
    It is currently available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.
  • What are the main features of the app?
    Application features an expansive open world filled with secrets and challenges, a unique physics-based movement system, and a unique cycle of life and death that requires players to think on their feet.
  • Can I Rain World download for Windows 11?
    Unfortunately, it is not currently available for Windows 11. It is available for Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • How do I progress in the game?
    To progress in the game, players must explore their environment, scavenge for food and resources, and battle dangerous predators.
  • Are there any special secrets or Easter eggs in the app?
    Yes! Product is full of secrets and Easter eggs that players can discover while exploring the game.


It is an engaging and challenging survival game that combines exploration and resource management with intense predator tracking and an ever-changing world. The unique visuals and animation create a distinct atmosphere, and the game’s replayability makes it a great choice for those looking for an intense and immersive experience. I recommend you play Rain World and enjoy the great atmosphere.


  • The beautiful art style, with a unique and captivating world to explore.
  • Challenging and rewarding gameplay.
  • Rain World APK for free demo version can be downloaded from the developer's website.
  • Interesting and innovative puzzles.
  • An atmospheric soundtrack that fits perfectly with the game.


  • Difficult controls can be a bit confusing at times.
  • No real story or narrative.
  • It can be a bit slow-paced at times.

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